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Ali Al Sayegh


"Excellence & Professionalism in providing world class consultancy services since we are building for the next generation from 1982."


"Success in business is like riding a bicycle either you keep moving or you fall over" as said by the great author Anthony Robbins.

Our Message

We are helping you to get the most out of our diversified experience and activities since 1982. We ever remain mindful towards performance and reputation to achieve total customer satisfaction in all our activities based on respect, ethics and responsibility.

The overall goal of this initiative is to build trust, strengthen relationships, recognition and continue to diversify the company’s work force.

We are eager to serve your needs and count you among our satisfied customer. Use our services and assistance now available for your way to success.


~ Ali Khalil Al Sayegh (Chairman West Asia Group)

Who We Are

West Asia Management Consulting House LLC (WAMCH) is a full-fledged consultancy office whose mission is to set up your future project and enhance the existing one with a hassle-free turnkey solution for their various types of project and investments in line with the government rules & regulations through our vision and mission to implement the best international practices.

Privacy is a priority area for us; therefore, all your documents are handled with extreme care to ensure the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

When it comes to business, time is of essence, the reason why WAMCH will process and finalize all your official formalities efficiently and professionally. Whatever government and semi government department or another market sectors you need to deal with, our team will make sure that your deal is closed and documents are finalized on time.

In order to offer you more comfort and peace of mind, we have established our proprietary Service, whereby we collect, process, and deliver all documents straight to your doorstep.


West Asia Management Consulting House LLC roots goes deeply to the year 1982, as one of the first business consultancy company established in Dubai licensed by Dubai Municipality, the licensing authority on that time. We had pleasure of sharing 3 decades of experiences of continues development of the most famous International City, Dubai proudly. When The BURJ KHALIFA inaugurated as world’s tallest tower on January 04, 2010 and continues the journey for the second tallest tower in the Middle East (Dubai Tower) trade hub, Dubai. We are full fledge consultancy company whose mission is to provide seven different consultancy packages as mentioned in our profile.

Its team of experienced multinational consultants besides the local experts and number of international associates consultancy company and individual with a right skill to offer clients a big range of consultancy services and proper communication with Government and Semi Government organizations to facilitate your business. As a matter of fact, our agents and representatives enjoy a deep understanding of the UAE laws and regulations, including the Labor and Immigration Codes. We are appreciated over years by different Government organizations for setting up the selective projects in the different line of business. And international experience from different country like France, Switzerland, UK, China, Italy, Germany, Tunisia.


    Looking today’s market and advancement of level of communication between the different level of business organizations and between different countries all over the world which resulted to a fast growth of the international economy and created a volatile market which needs a bigger efforts and concentration from business owners, directors, managers and different team in the organization on their core business to assure a quality, saleable production in the international competition market which created a bigger need for the consultant and the trainer with the updated information, technology, skills to advance their performance and need the market requirement with a lower cost and higher benefit for which using the consultancy and continuous research department outsourcing part of side business is a key of success for which WAMCH with a years of experience since 1982 is fully prepare to help different business organization to achieve the following targets by maintaining the following policies.

  • Providing needed talent and expertise in the business management for a different environment through our team and associates.

  • Through the experience for the years in Dubai market we joint hand with you to reach to the objectivity and create a practice achievable plan.

  • Experience of Dubai market and availability of different resources like skilled and un-skilled labors, material, energy and flexibility of rule and regulations we can joint hand with your team to have a best outcome.

  • WAMCH LLC through the years of experiences, international communications and data base available can joint hand with your team to develop best practices for day to day business management.

  • Our experience and experts team can save time and reduce your cost up to the minimum and maximize your profitability.

WAMCH LLC Experience in 3 decades

  • WAMCH since started in the year 1982 provided a consultancy services to a number of projects in the below mentioned sectors for more than three decades.

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Service Industries

  • Trading Sectors


  • The expertise of WAMCH along with our associates in the different countries, Qualified Auditors, Experienced Lawyers, Management Consultants, Construction Consultants in UAE, GCC and in other different country namely.

  • France

  • Switzerland

  • UK

  • China

  • Italy

  • Germany

  • Tunisia

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