Our Services


WAMCH is pleased to offer seven different consultancy service packages are at your disposal to meet your different needs as follow

Commercial Project Management is our Art to reduce the cost, assure the best performance and confirm best quality always by using effective techniques of budgeting, effective managing schedules and effective managing risks and control system etc by expert of WAMCH and Associates team with their 35 years of experiences and can always manage the project on your behalf as you are present.

WAMCH with years of experience provides consultancy services in the most economic sector like agriculture, manufacturing, trading & service industry. We ensure smooth management and idle return of the investments by using of effective techniques assets valuation.

WAMCH acts successful always to join two different business entities to create bigger and better companies to meet successfully today’s competition in the international market by providing highly tailored services on all phase of M & A transactions from the initial planning stage until the finalization of the deal, as well as successful structuring and organizing of the new businesses.

WAMCH looks after owner’s interest and verifies the internal control system, weakness and to submit the reports to the management for designing the IMS models for running smooth business.

WAMCH acts in contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider to accomplish tasks and assure professional completion of a project.

WAMCH acts to register the brands for different products & services and the business organizations over years since we started through our communication with different authorities like Ministry of Economy, Ministry of labor, Immigration, Chamber of Commerce etc.


Through WAMCH Business Club, you can enjoy your fully equipped modern meeting room, office, full communication devices such as telephone, email, P.O. Box addresses, professional secretarial services and to handle your business during business trip or to manage your business under establishment.


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