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"Excellence & Professionalism in providing world class consultancy services since we are building for the next generation from 1982."


"Success in business is like riding a bicycle either you keep moving or you fall over" as said by the great author Anthony Robbins.

Our Message

We are helping you to get the most out of our diversified experience and activities since 1982. We ever remain mindful towards performance and reputation to achieve total customer satisfaction in all our activities based on respect, ethics and responsibility.

The overall goal of this initiative is to build trust, strengthen relationships, recognition and continue to diversify the company’s work force.

We are eager to serve your needs and count you among our satisfied customer. Use our services and assistance now available for your way to success.


~ Ali Khalil Al Sayegh (Chairman West Asia Group)

Who We Are

West Asia Management Consulting House LLC (WAMCH) is a full-fledged consultancy office whose mission is to set up your future project and enhance the existing one with a hassle-free turnkey solution for their various types of project and investments in line with the government rules & regulations through our vision and mission to implement the best international practices.

Privacy is a priority area for us; therefore, all your documents are handled with extreme care to ensure the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

When it comes to business, time is of essence, the reason why WAMCH will process and finalize all your official formalities efficiently and professionally. Whatever government and semi government department or another market sectors you need to deal with, our team will make sure that your deal is closed and documents are finalized on time.

In order to offer you more comfort and peace of mind, we have established our proprietary Service, whereby we collect, process, and deliver all documents straight to your doorstep.


WAMCH is pleased to offer seven different consultancy service packages are at your disposal to meet your different needs as follow

Commercial Project Management is our Art to reduce the cost, assure the best performance and confirm best quality always by using effective techniques of budgeting, effective managing schedules and effective managing risks and control system etc by expert of WAMCH and Associates team with their 35 years of experiences and can always manage the project on your behalf as you are present.

WAMCH with years of experience provides consultancy services in the most economic sector like agriculture, manufacturing, trading & service industry. We ensure smooth management and idle return of the investments by using of effective techniques assets valuation.

WAMCH acts successful always to join two different business entities to create bigger and better companies to meet successfully today’s competition in the international market by providing highly tailored services on all phase of M & A transactions from the initial planning stage until the finalization of the deal, as well as successful structuring and organizing of the new businesses.

seven different consultancy service packages are at your disposal to meet your different needs

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